Fromagerie BOUCHET maintains preferred relationships with a limited number of talented producers for who we mature the best of their cheeses in the silence and darkness of our caves, upon traditional spruce boards.

Duration of maturing varies from one cheese to the other. Each of them is regularly polished, according to a dedicated pace, scrubbed, washed, wet, turned around, etc… passing up to 15 times from hand to hand. Each variety of cheese requires specific care, respectful of its nature and origin, with the ultimate objective to favour the development of its particular organoleptic qualities.

We follow with great accuracy the progression of our cares and the way our caves behave : we regulate them carefuly depending on the « labour » of our cheeses.

Our practices are in accordance with traditional maturing methods on one hand and modern health standards on the the other : our caves are equipped with automated hygrometry and temperature controls, complying with European norms.